What is a Safety Cover?
A Safety Cover is made of UV treated polypropylene mesh or solid vinyl, that's pulled taut across the pool, and is secured with straps to anchors that are installed around the pool's perimeter. In addition to preventing leaves, dirt & debris from getting into your pool water while the pool is closed, a Safety Cover is designed to prevent accidental submersion, providing protection for your family, neighbors, pets and wildlife.

Is it easy to remove and store the cover?
Typical sized safety covers go on and remove in about 15 to 20 minutes after initial installation using the provided tensioning tool. Each cover comes with a mesh drawstring storage bag. A mesh safety cover is fan folded to a size small enough to fit in the storage bag. The bag is then hung or stood upright in a dry, secure place until ready for use in the Fall.

Can you possibly make a cover to fit?  
There are a number of unique and convenient treatments and hardware that allow us to design a safety cover for any inground pool built.

What happens to the anchors when im not using the cover?
The anchors recess into the ground when not in use

What determines whether or not I need a Custom Series cover?
All freeform pools are special order as well as any size pool not listed under the stock safety cover selection

What is the best way to store a safety cover?
The safety covers come with a mesh storage back. It is recommended to store the cover in a cool dry place where mice and ants can not get to it
What type of drill do I need and how big of a drill bit do i need?
3/4 diamond bit hammer drill is recommended which can be rented at many rental depots
Can I walk on this cover?
Although safety covers are made to withstand the weight of humans and and animals, it is never recomended to walk on the cover.
If i have a wooden deck can i use a safety cover?
Yes you can but you would have to use anhors made specially for a wood deck.
What is included with the cover?
All necessary hardware and a matching mesh storage bag is included with each safety cover.
Other than safety, what are other reasons to get a safety cover?
Safety covers make it so you doing have to use those difficult water tubes, the also last longer than standard winter covers, also the covers improve the overall appearance of the pool during the winter.
Will leaves gather on the cover during the winter?
If the cover is installed tight enough, it will be flush with the deck and the leaves will just blow off the cover
Will there be leaves when in the pool when I open it?
Since the safety cover is on the pool so tight, it will be difficult for leaves to get underneath it.

Do the anchors require any special care?
After removing, or prior to installing the safety cover, clean out all the anchor sockets with a stream of compressed air or water. This biannual cleaning will assure proper anchor function. Applying spray silicone to these components will also be beneficial to their proper operation. When the cover is not in use, screw anchors down completely to keep out debris and to prevent tripping, foot injuries, and cover damage.