Swimming Pool Covers - What are the best options

Although winter is some months away, time does fly fast. Before you know it is time to think about preparing to secure their in-ground swimming pool for the harsh Canadian winter. Some people who have recently owned a swimming pool wonder what their options are. Generally there are 3 options.

Winter Covers – These are woven tarp that are placed over the swimming pool supported by sand bags or water bags. They do not provide any security.

Automatic Covers – There are various types of automatic covers that operated mechanically uses motors and or hydraulics.

Mesh Safety Covers – These covers are made of polypropylene mesh Β - similar to the trampoline material - that are UV treated and are anchored to the pool deck using springs that are attached to the straps. These are by far not only the most effective in keeping leaves and debris out, but it also can withstand huge amounts of snow loads. Since the mesh allows for the snow as it melts to drain into the swimming pool there is no pump or vacuum required. More and more Canadian are investing in mesh safety covers because they are cost effective. Mesh covers can be purchased from Safety Covers Canada.

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