3 Major Advantages of Installing a Mesh Safety Cover September 24 2016

The porous polypropylene material used to fabricate a mesh swimming pool safety cover has 3 major advantages over solid material .

1) The porous material makes the covers lightweight while maximizing weight capacity.

2) The porous material filters rain, snow, and ice which makes water pumping unnecessary while keeping dirt, leaves, and twigs out. 

3) Covers are easy to install, inexpensive, and have a long lifespan.


Swimming Pool Covers - What are the best options June 07 2014

Although winter is some months away, time does fly fast. Before you know it is time to think about preparing to secure their in-ground swimming pool for the harsh Canadian winter 

Safety pool covers installations essentials September 13 2013

Every safety covers must be measured to exact specifications in order to ensure proper fit. Rectangular pools are usually measured by overall width and length, while freeform pools and pools with raised wall areas, water fall features and special treatments need to be AB measured, which is a form of triangulation.

Professional Swimming pool technicians are trained to take exact measurements of your swimming pool to ensure that the cover you will have installed meets all of the ASTM safety standards. Never put a rectangle safety cover over a formfit type swimming pool. This scenario would create too much material lying directly on the deck around the swimming pool which can cause excess and extreme wear over a matter of months. A rectangle cover over a freeform pool will also not get the proper tensioning required to maintain safety standards. All warranties are void if you use a rectangle cover over a freeform pool.

Once the pool is measured properly, the second most important requirement for safety covers is the actual installation of the cover. Professional Swimming pool technicians are trained as to how far back and between the anchors must be placed in order to ensure proper tensioning.

Securing your Swimming Pool investment July 24 2013

Maintaining a swimming pool comes at a price. So why would one not secure their investment.

A swimming pool safety cover is the best investment any swimming pool owner could make in protecting their swimming pool.

Although the main purpose of a swimming pool safety cover is to act as a barrier preventing accidental intrusion by children and pets, it also prevents debris from entering your swimming pool and damaging your pool liner and other fixtures and features.

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